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A partial list of our awards

Awards from the California Landscape Contractors Association

2010 First Place Custom Residential Hunter Residence
  First Place Small Residential "C" Breslan Residence
  First Place Xeriscape Hunter Residence
  Achievement Xeriscape Breslan Residence
    Hardscape Breslan Residence
2009 Achievement Medium Residential Sapire Residence
2008 First Place Medium Residential Bonderman Residence
  Achievement Water Feature "A" Fife Residence
  First Place Custom Residential Fife Residence
2007 F. H. Arklin Memorial Best Commercial Westside Waldorf School
  First Place Small Commercial Waldorf School
  Achievement Xeriscape Waldorf School
2006 First Place Xeriscape Jensen Residence
  Achievement Custom Residential Witt Residence
  Achievement Water Feature Witt Residence
2004 Achievement Large Residential Christensen Residence
2003 First Place Medium Residential Stellino Residence
  Achievement Xeriscape Hoyt Residence
2001 First Place Small Residential Jensen Residence
2000 Bob Moore Memorial Award Best Use of Rock in a Landscapee Harris Residence
  Achievement Medium Residential Magarity Residence
1999 First Place Custom Residential Weber Residence
  Achievement Xeriscape Roll Residence
1998 Sweepstakes Best of All Entries Cloverfield Office Bldg.
1997 Achievement Small Residential Speer Residence
1996 First Place Small Residential Malleah Residence
  First Place Residential Maintenance Cassity Residence
1995 First Place Xeriscape Blake Residence
1994 First Place Residential Estates Rummel Residence
1992 First Place Xeriscape Mosko Residence
1991 First Place Medium Residential Hechtman Residence
1990 Achievement Large Residential Alpert Residence
1988 First Place Custom Residential Blakely Residence